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Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody (Sample)
Embody als Gaming Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair

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Herman Miller Embody (Sample)

Floor Casters
€1,299.00 * manufacturer price €1,449.00 *

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fundierte Ergonomie, die auf jahrelange Forschung fußt
 voll ausgestattete Alternative zur Logitech Gaming-Version
bis zu 96% recycelbar

add 1 year additional warranty – €51.96
  • DC-10003-HB
Product information "Herman Miller Embody (Sample)"

The Embody is a delight for anguished everyday sitters. The ergonomic wonder offers the full package: an advanced design, a high comfort and a reliable back support.

The Embody Chair is a truly revolutionary product. Compared to other revolving office chairs the Embody offers an incredible comfort, a tireless back support and above all an innovative design. As a pinnacle of ergonomic office chairs the Embody is a piece of furniture that was developed to promote back health in particular.

The back support makes the difference between a good and an excellent office chair. Traditional office chairs are equipped with an inelastic upholstering, which is only slightly adjustable. According to your motions, the Embody Chair flexibly supports every inch of your back – that is because of the Tri-Flex system which provides comfort and support with three different zones of the back rest. In doing so, all spinal parts are stabilized, especially the lumbar parts. Even during long sessions of sitting at the desk both the legs and the bottom receive a sufficient blood supply, wherefore any physical discomfort becomes a thing of the past. All in all, the Embody Chair is made for office workers who are longing for a relief of their back pain. 

Leaning back and moving is easy with the Herman Miller Embody: Properly adjusted the Embody Chair automatically moves with your motions, while the back rest remains supportive to your posture. Consequently, the agile ergonomic wonder animates the blood circulation, increases productivity and prevents back pain – eventually, it also raises your spirit. This Herman Miller office chair won numerous design awards. The Embody Chair was highly praised by ergonomic experts, manufacturers and designers. Moreover, the Embody fulfils the Cradle-to-Cradle protocol that makes it an especially sustainable product.

Design inspired by Human Nature

The Embody, a creation by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, obviously combines both ergonomics and functionality. Obviously, because it is the design's strategy to have a regonizable technique; it is actually a main element of the aesthetic of the Embody Chair. The Embody “embodies” innovation and the steady development of the Herman Miller manufactory. More than a dozen physicians, physiotherapists and biomechanics were consulted to build this particular office chair in order to set new standard in ergonomics.

As well as the Aeron also the Embody gets along without foam padding. The seat consists of four different layers and a barrel-arbor of sorts, which reminds of the comfort of a high-quality mattress. The back rest cushion covers a skeleton that lives up to its name: Modelled on the human equivalent, the skeleton torso comfortably supports and cushions your motions – so much that you might easily forget you are sitting. The Embody is based on the natural bending of the human spine, wherefore you can take the optimal sitting position no matter your spinal bending. 

The seat of the Embody Chair is democratic through and through: Available in only one size, the Embody manages to be suitable for the majority of all body sizes and heights. Moreover, the high pressure on thighs is preventable as the seat depth can be adjusted individually. To be prepared for every situation at the office desk, also the arm rests are adjustable in height and width.


Pixelated Support You will recognize the Pixelated Support technique right away or not. This technique provides a comfortable feeling as if your were floating and an excellent balance. The equal distribution arises from a dynamic pixel matrix which adjusts the seat and the back rest of the Embody Chair even at the smallest motions as if by magic. Dents which are a daily routine with other office chairs are unknown to users of the Embody Chair. Above all, you are sitting more than comfortably on a four-layered, well-aerated seat.

Skeleton Torso & Backfit Back Rest Keep your composure! Because of the Embody Chair's structure that is modelled on the human spine, the back rest invites to lean back. As the Embody slightly supports the pelvic, the pulsation slowly declines. This makes long sessions of concentration while directly looking at a screen possible. The narrow back rest provides a great range of motion for the user, because it moves with every of his or her motions. This ensures that breathing is made easy and that the brain is sufficiently provided with oxygen.

The Embody is a delight for anguished everyday sitters. The ergonomic wonder offers the full... more
Casters: universal (carpet/hardfloor)
Your type: Developer, Steady seated
Stoff: Rhythm, Black 3014
Usage: Office, Gaming
Designer: Bill Stumpf & Jeff Weber
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 23 kg
Recyclability: 96%
Condition: Sample chair
Arm rests: Adjustment height, width, back & forth, in & out
Functions: Tilt limiter, Adjustment of seat height, Tilt tension, Backward tilt, Rotation
Seat depth: Adjustable
Back support: yes
Lab testet up to: 159 kg
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Kratzer auf aufbereiteten Stühlen? | Scratches on refurbished chairs?

Alle Stühle, die als aufbereitet deklariert sind, funktionieren zu 100% und kommen optisch an ein neues Modell fast heran; wir würde diese als neuwertig bezeichnen. Sie können sich an die abgebildeten Produktfotos orientieren. Die Garantie beträgt allerdings "nur" ein Jahr statt der zwölf Jahre bei Neuprodukten.

All chairs declared as refurbished function 100% and visually come close to a new model. You can refer to the product photos shown. However, the warranty is "only" one year instead of the twelve years for new products.

Großer Preisunterschied? / Big price difference?

Wieso ist der Preisunterschied so groß? Ist das eine B-Ware?

Du findest im DesignCabinet bei Bürostühlen die Bezeichnungen "generalüberholt" und "werksneu". Wieder reparierte, aufgefrischte, aber zu 100% funktionstüchtige Stühle (wie dieser hier) sind günstiger als das frisch produzierte Modell. Zudem fließt die Garantieleistung in die Preisgestaltung mit ein: 1 Jahr gegenüber 12 Jahren machen dann preislich einen Unterschied.


You'll find "refurbished" and " brand new" designations on office chairs at DesignCabinet. Repaired, refreshed, but 100% functional chairs (like this one) are more affordable than the just produced model. In addition, warranty coverage factors into pricing: 1 year versus 12 years makes a difference in price.

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