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    Herman Miller Setu – Configurator

    Only the best for your guests: The Setu creates a comfortable seating at minimal material costs and offers its users a good feeling at their own workplace.

    With the Setu Herman Miller introduced a space-saving guest chair that makes sitting at conferences, meetings or part-time jobs a pleasure. Sitting down on this lightweight passes nearly unnoticed. That is because of 'Lyris 2' - an elastomer material that is more of an innovative construction material than an ordinary textile. A flexible contexture with which both the seat and the back rest of the Setu are coated provides a pleasant suspension. Accordingly, sitting is more comfortable and sufficiently ventilated

    Kinematic Spine makes a big range of functions obsolete 

    The Setu was designed so that it requires only one size to meet the requirements of most of the body heights and back curvatures. The secret of this comfort is the Kinematic Spine technology, which is this guest chair's core element. The back rest is made from two different types of polypropylen to control the resistance optimally.

    The comfortable sitting experience is based on the tilt resistance which means that the body weight is always supported when leaning back. The back rest support flatters the natural body movements and thereby offers an unrestricted flexibility to its user. When used as a conference chair the Setu lasts out with a classic height adjustment. With the DesignCabinet you can purchase the Setu with solid arm rests – this offers you the comfort to perform easy desk work as well. 

    The result of collaborative designs

    The Setu was designed as a collective work of Herman Miller and the Berlin designers of Studio 7.5. This team of designers signifies collaborative approaches like no other, which allows them to think ideas up to their ultimate ends. This is what the designers already proved with the outstanding Mirra 2. For the Setu, however, they chose a simpler product design with stylish curves to a lower material cost. Therewith the guest chair is not only light-weighted but also ecofriendly above average. Also, because the Setu is built from recycled material for most parts. 


    Your type: Co-Working, Meeting specialist
    Usage: Meeting, Co-Working
    Designer: Studio 7.5
    Warranty: 12 years
    Weight: 17 kg
    Recyclability: 96%
    Condition: Brand new
    Arm rests: Fixed
    Functions: Rotation, Backward tilt, Adjustment of seat height
    Seat depth: Fixed
    Back support: no
    Lab testet up to: 136 kg
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    Welche Fußbodenrollen benötige ich? / Which floor casters do I need?

    Die meisten Bürostühle werden ab Werk mit Bodenrollen ausgestattet, die sich vorrangig für weiche Untergründe wie Teppichböden oder Auslegware eignen. Die Rollen tragen deshalb bei uns die Bezeichnung Weichbodenrollen.

    Im gemeinen Büro dominieren jedoch Parkett und Laminat, in Forschungseinrichtungen auch Fliesen. Die Lösung für harte Böden sind spezielle Hartbodenrollen. Sie sorgen dafür, dass sich der Stuhl geräuscharm und bodenschonend auf dem Untergrund bewegen kann. Aufgrund der besonderen Oberflächenstruktur wird der Bürostuhl auf dem schnellen Untergrund abgebremst, in seiner Nutzung aber spielend leicht bewegt. Zudem machen Hartbodenrollen die Verwendung von Bodenschutzmatten überflüssig.


    By standard most office chairs are equipped with floor casters which mainly suit soft floorings such as carpets. Therefore, this kind of casters are called soft floor casters. Common offices are provided with parquet or laminate, or tiles in research facilities. For those groundings, the standard floor casters are sparsely suitable. Instead, special hard floor casters are needed. 

    Hard floor casters contribute to low-noise movements and protect the floor in your office. Because of a special surface texture, the office chair is slowed down, while it can easily be moved. Moreover, hard floor casters make the use of chair mats obsolete.


    Hat das Modell alle Verstellmöglichkeiten? / Is the chair fully loaded?

    Ja, dieses Modell ist "fully-loaded", das heißt es verfügt über alle Einstell- und Verstellmöglichkeiten, die am Stuhl möglich sind.

    Bspw. bei Aeron Chair gehören neben der standardmäßigen Rotation und Sitzhöhenverstellung auch Neigungsbegrenzung, Neigungswiderstand, Vorwärtsneigung sowie höhenverstellbare Armlehnen, die sich nach innen und außen schwenken lassen.


    Yes, this offered model chairs ist all “fully loaded”, meaning that they come with all possibilities to individually modulate your office chair. Besides default rotation and seat height adjustment, i.e. the Aeron Chair is adjustable in its tilt limiter, tilt angle, tilt resistance and forward tilt. Moreover, the arm rest are height-adjustable and can be swivel in- and outwards.


    Stuhl testen? / Test Seating?

    Grundsätzlich gelten beim Testen die gleichen Bedingungen wie bei einer Miete. Solltest du dich letztlich für einen Stuhl entscheiden, gilt die gezahlte Miete dann als Anzahlung.


    Test seating is limited within Germany.

    "Nicht auf Lager"? / "Out of stock"?

    Konfigurationen, die sich auf Lager befinden, sind sofort lieferbar. Nicht auf Lager befindliche Konfigurationen wie bspw. der Aeron Remastered in Mineral oder ein Cosm Chair in einer Farbvariante haben eine Lieferzeit von ca. 6 Wochen, weil sie direkt beim Hersteller in den USA oder UK produziert und dann importiert werden.


    Configurations with the label "in stock" are available immediately. Out of stock configurations, such as the Aeron Remastered in Mineral or a Cosm Chair in a specific color variant, have a lead time of approximately 6 weeks because they are produced directly by the manufacturer in the US or UK and then imported.

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