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Warranty & Manuals

Is your Aeron Chair defective? We offer you a chair exchange program for Herman Miller office chairs in addition to the coverage of warranty claims and the sale of spare parts. However, we do not accept repair orders. Some defects of your Herman Miller office chair can be repaired easily and without complications, while others can be better solved by replacing the chair.

Manuals SeatSwap Warranty claim


Manuals for Self Repair of Herman Miller Chairs 

The advantage of Herman Miller office chairs is that wearing parts are offered for official sale and that these can be repaired by the user himself even with little manual skill. With the help of our assembly videos on YouTube (English) and the right tools you can replace the parts yourself.

Classic Aeron Chair: Repair ressources to all available spare parts

✔ Seating Pan and Seating Cushion ↗YouTube ↗PDF
✔ Arm Rests ↗YouTube
✔ LumbarPad 
✔ PostureFit ↗YouTube ↗PDF
✔ Casters 
✔ Backrest ↗YouTube ↗PDF
✔ Seating Screws ↗PDF

All spare parts


Repair ressources for experts 

We do not recommend that you fix these defects yourself if you lack the proper tools and craftsmanship. Due to the high costs that an individual repair in our workshop would entail, we unfortunately cannot offer you any repairs. For the defects listed below we recommend our exchange program.

Classic Aeron Chair

⚠ Gas spring ↗YouTube
⚠ Corpus ↗YouTube and covers ↗YouTube
⚠ Five star base ↗YouTube

All other Herman Miller models 

 Benefit from our exchange programme!

The option to exchange a new Aeron Chair with an old one is what we call Seat Swap. Sometimes a repair is not worth the high costs, wherefore a new purchase can be wiser. With the DesignCabinet you get 30% off a brand-new Herman Miller office chair – in exchange with the defect model. With a new model comes a 12 year-warranty.

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Warranty claim?

New purchases of Herman Miller office chairs have a 12 year-warranty. This is a statement of uncompromising trust in the quality of his products. Get more information on warranty gradations in the → Herman Miller Warranty Statement (PDF in Englisch). We take care of your warranty claim!

Your product bought at DesignCabinet is defective?

Refurbished office chairs purchased with the DesignCabinet come with a 12 months-warranty on all components. In case the functionality of your Aeron model disrupted within this time, we pick it up, repair it and send you a new model. All repairs within our warranty period are naturally free of charge.

Warranty & Manuals

Please note: We only have spare parts available on DesignCabinet in stock.

You can upload up to three files of your defect (jpg, png, pdf - up to 5 MB)

Please send us a download link to the video if it matches your defect.

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