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CBS Flo Dual Monitor Arm

Brand new
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Product information "CBS Flo Dual Monitor Arm"

The monitor arm Flo combines an extraordinary design with an excellent functionality – for one or more screens.

As a global market leader the CBS Flo monitor arm is more sustainable, more aesthetic and more efficient than all competing products. The monitor arm is an outstanding product, especially because of its high extent of mobility. Its high quality can be further explained with the extraordinary design: The CBS Flo already won the red dot design award; besides, it is protected by four international patents. 

With ergonomics against crooked backs 

Say goodbye to a bad posture! The CBS Flo and its easy, dynamic motion provide a work space at your monitor that is adjusted to your requirements. The clou is the flexible monitor attachment (D-ring). Easily and without any effort you can attach the CBS Flo to any monitors or (touch)screens. The monitor arm can be tended downwards to 40° to support ergonomic working. Also, it can be tended upwards to 40° to reduce light blinding.

Do you work close to your colleagues? AS it is possible to rotate the monitor arm about 90° to the left and the right, you can share information with your co-workers without moving your monitor or your head. Collaborative working is made easy thereby! It is not important for the usage of the CBS Flo whether you work in portrait or landscape format. With only a few handholds the monitor arm can be turned, while it stays stable in both positions. 

Constructed easier than you might think 

The monitor arm can easily be adjusted with a customary hex driver. By turning you can change the pressure of the compressing spring against the monitor. A scale on the monitor arm shows the weight of the monitor – which turns out to be especially useful if you install several equal monitors. This spares up to 33% time when installing the monitor in contrast to comparable products.

The CBS Flo comes with an easy system to organize monitor ports, which ends tangled wires at your work space. The integrated three point cable management does the trick!


The monitor arm Flo combines an extraordinary design with an excellent functionality – for one...more
max. Monitorgröße: 24"
Functions: 180° Stop-Option, Gewichtsskala, Hoch- und Querformat, Kabelmanagement
Halterungsart: Frei-Schwenkarm
max. Anzahl Monitore: 2
max. Tragkraft pro Arm: 9 kg
Tischstärke: 0 bis 67mm
Befestigung: Tischklemmung
VESA: 75 x 75, 100 x 100
Warranty: Lebenslang
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