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Our refurbishment process

We sell both used but professionally refurbished chairs and new chairs. For that reason the price can differ about more than a half in comparison to new models. The respective condition of our products is stated on the detail page.

That means „professionally refurbished“.

In general all chairs are three to five years old and carefully refurbished before the delivery. That means all chairs were verified both visually and technically and refurbished eventually. Consequently, all controls work at 100% and look as good as new. The condition of the products therefore is very good.

Our workshop sorts out defect products, spare parts and supplies or repairs certain parts if necessary. It is important to us to sell only technically impeccable and optically processed products.

Honestly though: How is the state of the chairs actually?

A collector would declare the condition of professionally refurbished chairs as near mint to very good. This implies that products you purchase might have some minimal traces of use.The difference to new products can sometimes be seen at the five-star base or the frame, as they show abrasions or slight traces of use. The fabric of the back rest and the seat of the Aeron Chair is always in mint condition, so that the patent Pellicle membrane is neither brittle nor porous or cracked.  

Do you actually have the know-how to repair Herman Miller products?

Yes. In comparison to other retailers we concentrate on only a few but high-quality models for which we have all spare parts and supplies at stock at 99%. Our workshop employees have long-term experiences - among others also with Herman Miller products.

Where do the chairs come from?

We have a dense network of partners all over Germany from which we purchase our Herman Miller office chairs. Mainly, the office chairs come from insolvencies and evictions.

Against frequent consumptions all Herman Miller products provided with the DesignCabinet are not grey imports from the U.S. or Great Britain. All chairs were manufactured with the Herman Miller company in Zeeland, Michigan (USA) or Chippenham, Wiltshire (UK) and shipped to European mainland eventually. Here, Herman Miller contractors bring the new chairs into the business circle run. If they are not required anymore, we buy them. 

Do I get a warranty?

Yes, but there is an important difference to the purchase of new chairs concerning the duration of the warranty. With refurbshied models you get a 12-month warranty, meaning a defect product can be immediately exchanged within the guarantee period, if a repair is not reasonable.

For new products Herman Miller guarantees a warranty of 12 years. If you have purchased a new product (difference is tagged as "new" or "professionally refurbished" on product pages) at DesignCabinet, we are the first contact for warranty issues. Learn more in our Terms & Conditions.

Every product by Herman Miller comes with an authenticity certificate. 

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