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LumbarPad for Aeron Chair

Größe der Lumbalstütze
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  • DC-10010-C
Product information "LumbarPad for Aeron Chair"

The classic of all back supports

Since the relaunch of the Aeron Chair the lumbal support is the standard solution to bad sitting positions. The oval lumbal support strengthens the dorsal up to the loins in order to force a healthy body posture. Depending on how much support is needed, the user of an Aeron Chair can choose between the voluminous and the slim side of the pad. The pads can be easily attached to a lock-in rail at the back and is adjustable in heights.

The size of the lumbal support orientate itself with the size of the Aeron Chair you want to upgrade or modify. The size needed for your Aeron Chair can be felt at the upper back of your office chair’s frame.

Help for your tired musculature

Especially several hours of sitting can demand your musculature until you literally slump down while grewing tired. Using the grooved lumbal pad the pressure on your backbone is relieved while leaning back against the Pellicle membrane. Additionally, it raises the comfort for your lower back. We recommend you to install the pad slightly above the waistline. The lumbal support suits users who prefer a permanent selective back support that works with every movement. 


The delivery contains a lumbal pad in desired size. The installation is easy: You simply have to push the pad from above in the lock-in rail at the back of your Aeron Chair.

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