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Seating Cushion for Aeron Chair

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Product information "Seating Cushion for Aeron Chair"

Is the seating cushion of your Aeron Chair dissolving? If you notice black particles of synthetic material (similar to fluff) under your Aeron, the seating cushion is slightly dissolving. After years of usage, this is an usual process, because the cushion consists of a soft mix of synthetic material that supports the legs’ blood circulation. With a new seating cushion you’ll gain back the used comfort and maximise the ergonomics of your Aeron Chair, especially if you are mostly sitting on the front part of the seat. In our warehouse, you can seating cushions matching to your Aeron Chair – an original spare part without waiting time.

Which seating cushion size do I need?

Finding out the size of your Aeron Chair is easy and done without any measurements. There is a Hermann Miller logo at the upper back of your Aeron Chair. You can feel an imprint in form of one, two or three points at the back of it, which represent the Aeron Chair sizes A, B and C.

Is the seating cushion of your Aeron Chair dissolving? If you notice black particles of...more
Anleitung zum Austausch/ Instructions for Replacement (en): Anleitung zum Austausch/ Instructions for Replacement (en)
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Wie finde ich die Größe meines Aeron heraus? / Which size has my Aeron?

Am Aeron befindet sich am oberen, rückseitigen Teil der Rückenlehne ein Hermann Miller-Logo. An dessen Rückseite kannst du eine Einkerbung in Gestalt von einem, zwei oder drei Punkten ertasten, die die Größen A, B und C repräsentieren.


There is a Herman Miller logo at the upper back site of your Aeron chair. If you are able to feel a notch in form of a dot behind it, it is an Aeron A, while two parallel dots indicate an Aeron B. If you can feel a triangle, you own an Aeron C.


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