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Vinyl Arm Pads for Aeron Remastered

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  • DC-10534
Product information "Vinyl Arm Pads for Aeron Remastered"

Is the arm rest of your Aeron Chair broken? Replace the defect arm rest with a new, original vinyl arm rest by Herman Miller. 

Arm rests made of vinyl are easy-care through and through and a longstanding company. The material is easily washable and demonstrates its ability to prevent sweating especially during hot temperatures. Over many years, vinyl remains stable, which is why this kind of arm rests suits a long-term use and/or frequently changing users. 

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Werden die Armauflagen inkl. Gestell geliefert? / Do the arm rests come with the mount itself?

Nein, es handelt sich nur um die Auflagen. Wenn Sie einen Stuhl ohne Armlehnen haben, kommen Sie per Anfrage auf uns zu und wir finden eine Lösung


No, it's the arm rest only. If you have a chair without armrest mount, please contact us and we will find a solution.

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